Sophie Melchior “philosophy”

Atmosphere and individual personality are given to inner space: here is the interior designer’s task.

Detailed daily space organization is achieved through interior design, with poetic and rational way, playing with code of design ethics.
The place identity is firmly related to space quality, light art and building materials.

A given project of interior design will be a success only with the full partners commitment, whom personality has to appear throughout the final realization.
This explains why the interior designer has to prove his creative and professional dimension, measured and fully acquired, in order to understand and absorb the given challenge, whatever this could be.

First of all, the interior designer literally shapes the place of living, in a practical way as well as in an aesthetic manner, he plays with contrasts, shapes, colours, lines, volumes and materials as a recognized beauty specialist, in order to integrate harmoniously dedicated equipments and to articulate spaces the best possible way.

The job description consists in designing living spaces, whatever these are for private or professional end –uses, this means the interior designer perfectly owns technical and artistic skills, very good drawing notions, high relation abilities, and a very strong furniture and design knowledge.
Interior designer’s responsibility is engaged to fulfil client’s wishes, together with the project owner’s.

“Being part of the building process, the interior designer’s role starts from elaboration and volume layout to highlight objects responsible of the space quality, inner space coherence and the pleasure of living in appropriateness to needs and personal client’s choices.” (Interior Designer National Union).